The first thing that will come to anyone’s notice is what is free driving lesson? Then let us reply you in a simple manner. Free driving lesson is for the one who have L. It is undertaken under the supervision of a parent or supervisor who have completely certified skilled driving license. You will be eligible for it, only if you have your learner’s license.

For taking the Free driving license with Onroad, please have an Australian learning permit first.

What is the procedure for applying to free driving lesson?

It can be registered by the learner him/herself or by the parents/supervisor. All you need to do is register with and sign up to get a free lesson token id.

You have to then call Onroad driving school to book the appointment.

What is undertaken in the free learning session?

It will be a 60 minute session with our accredited driving instructor. Our instructor will help you through the basic fundamentals and simple approaches towards driving. You will also be explained, how and when you can use them while driving.
After that, you will be given a practical demonstration of the things taught in a 60 minute session.

Is there anything required from the learner’s side during the session?

All you need to bring is your learning permit or say learning license and the free lesson token id taken from the website of If you are accompanying with a parent or a supervisor then they should be having Australia approved full driver’s license.

What if I fail to reach for the session?

You have to inform your session instructor with whom you have booked your free driving session, 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you do it within the 24 hours time limit, then you will be eligible to reschedule the session.

What is the benefit of Onroad driving school to organize free driving session?
Free driving lessons are funded programs by the Australian government in coalition with Onroad driving school to take care of the safety of new drivers. It is in a way preparation for acquiring P plate driving permit.

Is it necessary to accompany a parent or a supervisor?

Yes, it is very much necessary. Parents or supervisor are the ones who can guide the learner and encourage them. In this free lesson, they will also learn to teach the basics of safe driving and can boost the confidence of the learner driver.

Are these lessons different from general driving sessions?

In this free session, both learner and parent/supervisor take part in the activity together and they together learn from an accredited trainer.

Learners understand prior in this session what they are doing, while they are in the driving seat. Parents/supervisors are explained how they can be a coach to their learners.
So don’t waste the time and enroll for your free driving lessons with Onroad driving. If it is taken early, then there is huge scope of implementing positive practices of driving.At Onroad Driving School, we believe everybody deserves an opportunity to learn, which is why we give you access to a free driving lesson through the keys2drive program. For more information visit or you can call us on (02) 9863 3555 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to organise your free driving lesson!